A Town by the Sea 

Visual Poem

Directed, Written, Shot and Edited by Min-Wei Lee

Dancer: Sabrina Sng

1st AC: Jonathan Tang

Music: Spiegel im Spiegel by Arvo Part

Watch it here

"Time and tide wait for no man.
This applies to people as much as it does to whole countries. Tracing the simple sights one might see over the course of a single day, this film is my interpretation of Singapore's growing up story, and a visual love letter to the place I call home.
" – Min-Wei Lee 

Created for Laura Peh's "Secrets of the Magical Aviary", a concert in celebration of Singapore's Golden Jubilee.
Originally performed on 6 September 2015 by Laura Peh (Harp) and Wilford Goh (Violin)