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Personal Training 

As people, we are inherently unique and have something about us that makes us who we are. Personal training caters specifically to your body and is crafted with care and deep understanding of your movement history and medical conditions if applicable. 

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Group Fitness 

There's a reason that compels us to attend a group class with other people be it colleagues, best friends, even friends to-be: energy, motivation, community, serious fun. With years of experience coaching various types of group classes, Sabrina is no stranger to bringing people together through the love of movement and physical fitness.

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Online Training 

Whether you're based here in Singapore or across the world, online training knows no borders. With greater flexibility of time and convenience, stay on track with your goals in the comfort of your own home or chosen training space. 

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Coaching Statement 

It's not 'too late'. 

We move for many reasons. Sometimes it's emotional, sometimes it's purely physical. Sometimes we might not even know the reason why we need to move. Movement is a part of who we are – as people. It is a different phenomenon when people move together in a group class. No matter what your relationship to fitness is, in the training, we are all in it together. 

It is also another phenomenon in a one-to-one. There is so much information out there about how we should be and how we should train, but not every training caters to our individuality. Individuality - the beautiful details that make us who we are, should be celebrated and challenged with every program. My wish is to push you for you to push right back, engaging that resilience in your mind and body. 

Think you can't? We'll change that. 

The first step, is to start. So, let's begin.

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