Chinatown Crossings

Director: Koh Hui Ling, Playwright: Jean Tay,  Sound Design: Yew Jin Lee

Performers: Pavan J. Singh, Jodi Chan, Sabrina Sng

Photography: Zinkie Aw

22nd June - 18th August 2018 | Various Locations in Kreta Ayer, Singapore

In this promenade theatre experience, meet Kunalan, an Indian man who grew up in a Chinatown shophouse during the 1960s and 1970s. Trace the story of his evolving friendship with Ting Ting, his landlady’s feisty daughter, as well as his relationship with her Cantonese caregiver, Fong Cheh, a majie who became a surrogate mother to him during his growing up years.

Follow Kunalan through the streets of Kreta Ayer and partake in this story of friendship and familial ties. As his memories come to life in this roving theatre performance, be treated to an array of interesting adventures in the nooks and crannies scattered across the neighbourhood and immerse yourself in atmospheric places of cultural liveliness and worship.


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