Sabrina Sng 孙雅皪 (she/her) is a performer and performance maker based in Singapore. Her interest lies in creating immersive experiences and performances that evoke the senses through inter-disciplinary forms.  

As a performer, she has worked in productions relating to physical theatre, devising and contemporary performance. She has collaborated and toured internationally in productions such as The Female Role Model Project by Transforma Theatre (New York) as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, The Dream Series by Zuni Icosahedron (Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia) as part of the Southernmost Festival 2019, immersive virtual performance Long Distance Affair by PopUp Theatrics and Juggerknot Theatre Company. Most recently, she performed in the inter-discIplinary production of WINDWARD SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN by Nine Years Theatre, T.H.E Dance Company and SA the Collective. 

She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 2016, along with the outstanding studio award under the Experimental Theatre Wing. She was also awarded the Undergraduate Arts Scholarship (2013) by the National Arts Council of Singapore.


The Theater is as the Greeks first called it the 'theatron' or the 'viewing place'.  A place where people travel to and engage with something outside of their daily life. Something intangible. We have a long history before us and by engaging in the act of creating art, we become part of that lineage of those who have paved the way before us. 

What does it mean to create experiences of art in our world today?
How do our works justify the need to invite people to experience live art? 

I believe in a constant interrogation my process and beliefs about performance making as a way to develop creative works for the future. My passion for inter-disciplinary collaborations stems from experiences that have encouraged different perspectives on the idea of Performance. There are many forms of expression, yet the end goal is the same: the delivery of themes, narratives, and questions about what it means to co-exist in society. 

My works are immersive experiences in a shared space and time: rooted in liveness, enclosed by artistry and reality; That which makes us inherently human in our digital landscape. ​The hope is to create environments of diverse practices where mutual trust and respect are at the core of collaborative practice. We experiment with sensitivity, vulnerability, and a huge knack for risk-taking outside the comfort zone.